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Welcome to the Clear Creek Inn! My father and I are excited to welcome you to our space! The Clear Creek Inn is a culmination of years of dreaming by Lloyd and I.  We couldn't be more proud to be open for business. So grab a room, stop by for a drink, buy some glass, and tell everyone you know to book their next party/wedding/retreat with us. We're looking forward to having you all in Georgetown. 

                       See you here,

Sam Yanis

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Lloyd Yanis boasts 30 years of event management experience across several industries, bringing with him a passion for small business entrepreneurship and a burning desire to see his son succeed. Lloyd might be seen around the Inn watching curling, the Yankees, or likely outside harvesting his large collection of rocks. He's excited to be a part of your next event, and even more excited to show you what he's been up to in Georgetown. 

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Sam is the day to day manager of the Clear Creek Inn. With a bachelors degree in Hospitality Management and 10 years in the service industry, he's capable of tending to your every need. Be it fresh towels, Red Rocks tickets, or a guide to the pow stashes at Loveland, Sam has you covered throughout your stay in Georgetown. And as a PSIA certified instructor with a passion for big mountain free riding, Sam is happy to offer lessons and show you around Loveland.

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