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Each of the bedrooms we offer is unique in size, layout, amenities, and view. The hallway running between them leads to an inviting 500 square foot deck that features ample seating, a luxurious hot tub, and a lovely fire pit. From there, stairs lead down to our private parking. 


On the other end of the hallway, take the indoor stairs down to the dining and lounge areas. A stacked washer/dryer for guest use is conveniently located just off the hallway across from our beautiful  rooftop deck. 


Overlooking downtown Georgetown from the deck, you can lounge in the relaxing hot tub or by the hearty fire pit, and take in the magnificent views of the surrounding mountains.

We’ve named the rooms after the mountain peak each looks out on. Check out the Gallery below, and our booking page here for more information.

Whole house rentals are available please reach out to for more info.

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